Values that drive us


An interesting effect of being part of the fitness community and, in particular, the runner community is the sheer amount of positive, relentless motivation the individual members of the community provide. From posting their trials and tribulations to little nuggets of victory and grit, our twitter feed is always full of interesting tweets. These are people on the move and these are our people. They believe in moving even when every inch of their bodies scream to stop. It is very humbling to be able to tap into the same passion and attitude. Commonly known as bias towards action, this is our default operating procedure. We recognize that movement as a fundamental unit of energy — giving shape to our goals.

Make something good

This one is straightforward — but, it’s an important one. It helps us in our decision making and is a light during dark days. Somedays, when we question as to the need for putting that extra hour late in the night — the thought of helping someone have a slightly better chance at improving their fitness level keeps our mind sharp and our motivations clear.

Be kind

It is an undeniable fact that we are living through special times. From the brawls on flights to the fights on the doorsteps of democracy, we are enduring a war of pandemic proportions. The unrelenting force of an invisible enemy has brought out the best and worst amongst us. Time and again, we have to remind ourselves to be kind. Be kind to strangers and friends. Be kind in thoughts and actions. Be kind to yourself. With kindness, we will emerge stronger.



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Solopreneur developing a gamified app to help improve your fitness levels. Author of Teeth, Germs, and Fairies